IR 600 Ceiling filter

Filters known as ceiling filters were named after their place of use. These are the end filters where the fine dust particles are filtrated in the air inlet of spray booths and finishing units. These are generally located overhead where the fresh, clean air comes from.
This is made of gradually condensing synthetic micro fibers. The ceiling filters are impregnated with a special material giving a slightly oily and sticky feel that helps the more efficient adherence of dust particles.
The main characteristic of this “end” filter is the wire structure that gives a rigid set-up at the exit of the airflow hindering the move of fibers in the direction of the airflow. The ‘in-depth’ filter ensures the guaranteed dust holding capacity.

Earlier this filter was known as a F5 arrestance type of filter, but nowadays it has the M5 qualification without any technical or quality change.

IR 600 ceiling filter details:

Technological details

Main field of use in spray booths, filtering clean air, “end-filter”
Material polyester fibre with high heat resistant frame structure
Weight 600 gr./m2
Thickness 20 mm
Max. operating temperature 100 °C
Max. relative humidity 100% – relative

Technical details:

Front surface 610 * 610 mm
Air flow velocity 0,25 m/s
Airflow rate 900 m3/h
Initial pressure drop 45 Pa
Arrestance 97,6 %
Dust holding capacity 291 gr/m
Arrestance M5
Filtration standard EN779
Combustion class F1 DIN 53438

Delivery parameters:

Width 1,5m / 1,6m / 2m / 2,1m / 2,5m wide
Roll length 20 meters
Size tailored to individual requirements



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