ANDREAE Starter Filter

The Andreae Starter is a low intensity filter intended for least demanding spray booth operations. Developed with the same expectation level as the Original Andreae filters, the Starter is made out of 2 layers of “kraft” paper, punched, pleated and glued together. This product is ideal for a casual use of the spray booth and a great way to start with the Andreae range. Separation by inertia is the key principle of the Andreae filter in catching paint, glue, synthetic resin, tar, fiberglass, Teflon, oil or any other paint particles travelling in the airflow. This filter is mainly recommended for least demanding spray booth operations, not intended for industrial use.

Efficiency at 0,75 m/s air velocity 91,0%-98,1%
Holding capacity (0,75 m/s-130 Pa) 3-18 kg/m2
Heat tolerance 180°C
I. (10 m2) H 100 x L 1038 cm
II. (10 m2) H 90 x L 1115 cm
III. (10 m2) H 75 x L 1346 cm
Recommended nr. of folds per 1 meter 26
Finishing material Efficiency Holding capacity
High solid lacquer 97% 15 kg/m2
Thermosetting lacquer 90% 10 kg/m2
Polyester, bi-components 98,1% 18 kg/m2



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